Bulk Discounts

Simply Lamps always offer very competitive prices on all the lamps we supply. However if you are planning to purchase in bulk (2 or more lamps purchased at the same time) then we can normally offer further discounts. Call free on 0800 043 1871 to find out what extra discounts are available for your volume order, or email a list of your requirements and we will send you a quote by return.

This offer applies to purchases of 2 or more lamps and lamps do not have to be the same type to qualify.

If you would like to find out more details about bulk discounts, just click here or call us free on
0800 043 1871.

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Simply Lamps is the leading supplier of Replacement Projector Lamps & Projector Bulbs in the U.K. and our friendly sales team has amassed many years experience supplying to all areas of the private & public sector. We are a major supplier of projector lamps into the education sector along with other Government departments such as museums & local councils.

We only ever supply genuine projector lamps & projector bulbs sourced direct from the projector manufacturer, such as Sanyo, Vivitek, Hitachi & NEC. We do not trade in copy projector lamps, as we are members of the Genuine Projector Lamp Alliance.

Our warehouse stocks projector lamps & projector bulbs for over 5,000 different projector models with both projector lamps & projectors available for next day delivery. We also supply all makes & models of projectors such as NEC, Hitachi, Sanyo & Vivitek.

Along with brands such as Sanyo, Epson, NEC and Hitachi projector lamps we also stock all other major manufacturers such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Vivitek & Sony. Specialist projector & projector lamp manufacturers like Projection Design, Christie & Barco are also catered for. In fact if there is a projector manufacturer then we will have a projector lamp for their projectors.

As well as supplying projector lamps, projector bulbs and projectors we offer a free recycling service for your old projector lamps & projector bulbs whether or not you initially purchased them from Simply Lamps.

We are an Epson Partner for Epson Projectors & Projector Lamps and we specialise in Sanyo Projectors and Projector Lamps for education.

So if you’re looking for the largest selection of projector lamps & projector bulbs available for next day delivery at the best prices around, or if you want to purchase a new projector then just follow the links to the product you require. 

We sell all major projectors along with projector lamps and bulbs for all projector models, these include:

3d Perception Projector Lamps & 3d Perception Projector bulbs   3m Projector Lamps & 3m Projector bulbs   Acer Projector Lamps & Acer Projector bulbs   Acto Projector Lamps & Acto Projector bulbs   Anders Kern Projector Lamps & Anders Kern Projector bulbs   Anthem Projector Lamps & Anthem Projector bulbs   Apti Projector Lamps & Apti Projector bulbs   Ask Projector Lamps & Ask Projector bulbs   Av Vision Projector Lamps & Av Vision Projector bulbs   Avio Projector Lamps & Avio Projector bulbs   Barco Projector Lamps & Barco Projector bulbs for Barco Projectors   Benq Projector Lamps & Benq Projector bulbs for Benq Projectors   Boxlight Projector Lamps & Boxlight Projector bulbs   Canon Projector Lamps & Canon Projector bulbs for Canon Projectors   Casio Projector Lamps & Casio Projector bulbs for Casio Projectors   Chisholm Projector Lamps & Chisholm Projector bulbs   Christie Projector Lamps & Christie Projector bulbs   Cineversum Projector Lamps & Cineversum Projector bulbs   Citizen Projector Lamps & Citizen Projector bulbs   Clarity Projector Lamps & Clarity Projector bulbs   Claxan Projector Lamps & Claxan Projector bulbs   Ctx Projector Lamps & Ctx Projector bulbs   Davis Projector Lamps & Davis Projector bulbs   Dell Projector Lamps & Dell Projector bulbs   Delta Projector Lamps & Delta Projector bulbs   Digital Projection Projector Lamps & Digital Projection Projector bulbs   Dongwon Projector Lamps & Dongwon Projector bulbs   Dream Vision Projector Lamps & Dream Vision Projector bulbs   Dukane Projector Lamps & Dukane Projector bulbs   Eiki Projector Lamps & Eiki Projector bulbs   Eizo Projector Lamps & Eizo Projector bulbs   Electrohome Projector Lamps & Electrohome Projector bulbs   Elite Video Projector Lamps & Elite Video Projector bulbs   Elmo Projector Lamps & Elmo Projector bulbs for Elmo Projectors   Elux Projector Lamps & Elux Projector bulbs   Epoque Projector Lamps & Epoque Projector bulbs   Epson Projector Lamps & Epson Projector bulbs for Epson Projectors   Everest Projector Lamps & Everest Projector bulbs   Eyevis Projector Lamps & Eyevis Projector bulbs   Faqtor Projector Lamps & Faqtor Projector bulbs   Ge Projector Lamps & Ge Projector bulbs   Geha Projector Lamps & Geha Projector bulbs   Hewlett Packard Projector Lamps & Hewlett Packard Projector bulbs   Hitachi Projector Lamps & Hitachi Projector bulbs for Hitachi Projectors   Hughes Jvc Projector Lamps & Hughes Jvc Projector bulbs   Hustem Projector Lamps & Hustem Projector bulbs   Ibm Projector Lamps & Ibm Projector bulbs   Infocus Projector Lamps & Infocus Projector bulbs   Jvc Projector Lamps & Jvc Projector bulbs   Kindermann Projector Lamps & Kindermann Projector bulbs   Knoll Projector Lamps & Knoll Projector bulbs   Kodak Projector Lamps & Kodak Projector bulbs   Lg Projector Lamps & Lg Projector bulbs   Liesegang Projector Lamps & Liesegang Projector bulbs   Lightware Projector Lamps & Lightware Projector bulbs   Luxeon Projector Lamps & Luxeon Projector bulbs   Marantz Projector Lamps & Marantz Projector bulbs   Mediavision Projector Lamps & Mediavision Projector bulbs   Medion Projector Lamps & Medion Projector bulbs   Megapower Projector Lamps & Megapower Projector bulbs   Meridian Projector Lamps & Meridian Projector bulbs   Metavision Projector Lamps & Metavision Projector bulbs   Mimio Projector Lamps & Mimio Projector bulbs   Mitsubishi Projector Lamps & Mitsubishi Projector bulbs   Mustek Projector Lamps & Mustek Projector bulbs   Nec Projector Lamps & Nec Projector bulbs for Nec Projectors   Nobo Projector Lamps & Nobo Projector bulbs   Nview Projector Lamps & Nview Projector bulbs   Ohp Projector Lamps & Ohp Projector bulbs   Olympus Projector Lamps & Olympus Projector bulbs   Optoma Projector Lamps & Optoma Projector bulbs for Optoma Projectors   Panasonic Projector Lamps & Panasonic Projector bulbs for Panasonic Projectors   Philips Projector Lamps & Philips Projector bulbs   Pioneer Projector Lamps & Pioneer Projector bulbs   Planar Projector Lamps & Planar Projector bulbs   Plus Projector Lamps & Plus Projector bulbs   Polaroid Projector Lamps & Polaroid Projector bulbs   Premier Projector Lamps & Premier Projector bulbs   Projectiondesign Projector Lamps & Projectiondesign Projector bulbs   Projectoreurope Projector Lamps & Projectoreurope Projector bulbs   Promethean Projector Lamps & Promethean Projector bulbs   Proxima Projector Lamps & Proxima Projector bulbs   Relisys Projector Lamps & Relisys Projector bulbs   Ricoh Projector Lamps & Ricoh Projector bulbs   Rollei Projector Lamps & Rollei Projector bulbs   Runco Projector Lamps & Runco Projector bulbs   Sagem Projector Lamps & Sagem Projector bulbs   Samsung Projector Lamps & Samsung Projector bulbs   Sanyo Projector Lamps & Sanyo Projector bulbs   Saville Av Projector Lamps & Saville Av Projector bulbs   Seleco Projector Lamps & Seleco Projector bulbs   Sharp Projector Lamps & Sharp Projector bulbs   Sim2 Projector Lamps & Sim2 Projector bulbs   Smartboard Projector Lamps & Smartboard Projector bulbs   Sony Projector Lamps & Sony Projector bulbs for Sony Projectors   Studio Experience Projector Lamps & Studio Experience Projector bulbs   Ta Projector Lamps & Ta Projector bulbs   Taxan Projector Lamps & Taxan Projector bulbs   Teq Projector Lamps & Teq Projector bulbs   Thomson Projector Lamps & Thomson Projector bulbs   Toshiba Projector Lamps & Toshiba Projector bulbs   Triumph Board Projector Lamps & Triumph Board Projector bulbs   Utax Projector Lamps & Utax Projector bulbs   Video 7 Projector Lamps & Video 7 Projector bulbs   Vidikron Projector Lamps & Vidikron Projector bulbs   Viewsonic Projector Lamps & Viewsonic Projector bulbs   Vivitek Projector Lamps & Vivitek Projector bulbs   Yokogawa Projector Lamps & Yokogawa Projector bulbs   Zenith Projector Lamps & Zenith Projector bulbs